Testimonies of Parents

Usha Chirayil

I have not hesitated to recommend Notre Dame to a host of family and friends: after all it's an institution built on the foundations built by the same community of sisters that established Sophia's High school which has a history of over 60 years in Bangalore. In the early days of NDA, we even got the privilege of participating at some key programs at Sophias (including the visit of President Kalam).

Apart from the calm atmosphere in the green campus, the spacious classrooms and new building; the school has a focus on discipline and the rigours of good old- fashioned hard work. There is a growing community of dedicated teachers who seem to follow the patterns established in the early days when the Principal herself taught the early batches of students.

There is an equal attention to work outside the classroom, be it participation in inter school competitions or taking part in charity drives. I am also impressed by the meticulous planning before events be they Parents Day or sports day and the sense of camaraderie among the volunteer parents who play an active role in organising events.

I personally feel happy that my children go to a school where the main motivation is not commercial success but a means of spreading God's work and that they are part of a process of institution building.

Prithvi Raj

When Viha joined Notre Dame Academy for Junior Prep (LKG), I was very apprehensive as to how her life would pan out. And today, I'm glad to see the person that she has become.I'm deeply grateful to Sr. Manisha and the entire team of Notre Dame Academy for their dedicated work in imbibing the right values in the children and helping them to be confident individuals today. This school is like a second home for Viha; she loves going to school. This is thanks to the wonderful environment created by the warm and loving attitude of the teachers. The parents of NDA students are a very close-knit community as we come together to organise different events at the school - the Sports Day and Parents' Day being the most significant. In short, Notre Dame Academy is a wonderful place for children to come and grow into responsible, confident individuals, ready to face the challenges of life.

Seema Noronha

For us parents, the experience at NDA has been unique! From a school of two rooms and three students it has been a journey of many firsts for us, a journey that we are proud and glad to have been associated with. It is heartening to see that despite the growth in numbers, NDA has maintained the family like atmosphere it started out with. Small gestures like the children bringing plants as gifts for the school garden, donating books to the library on their birthdays develops a sense of ownership and pride in the school, for the children. Parents' involvement in the planning and volunteering for Sports Day, Parents' Day, etc. just increases the feeling of belonging to the NDA family. It is great to see how Viha loves to go to school and how proud she is of everything to do with her school. It is like a second home to her.

We feel NDA is doing a great job in educating the children to be well-rounded individuals. The focus is not just on academics. The right amount of importance is also given to sports and art and other intellectual pursuits like debates, elocution, quizzes, etc. The number of accolades won by the school at every inter-school competition is proof enough for the quality of education imparted at NDA. We are grateful for the wonderful atmosphere Sr. Manisha and the teachers have created at NDA, for our children to learn and grow. A big thanks for their dedicated work in inculcating right values in the children and helping them to be confident individuals.

Francis Wagh

I have been acquainted with this prestigious institution right from its inception, and I feel privileged to be one of its first parents. As an institution of excellence, Notre Dame Academy has imparted values of Truth and Universal Love. This institution has also grown in leaps and bounds under the dynamic leadership of their founder principal Sr. Manisha and the sisters of the congregation. Their vision to prepare men and women to be citizens of a better tomorrow has been seen in their educational initiatives.

In retrospect walking down memory lane it brings back nostalgic memories to me. The institution had its humble beginnings and yet looks forward to being a premier institution in the field of education in this vicinity. We thank God for this institution and for the blessings He has showered upon all its students, parents, staff and the members of the management.

Aruni Joseph

After being a Notre Dame parent for seven years, I strongly believe that my children are in the best hands. The school being rooted in a solid foundation of spirituality and love for fellow beings, my children learn to trust in the Almighty and care for their friends. As a parent, this gives me the confidence that my children are moulded to face the world without compromising on their values. Teachers are very friendly and capable adding to the homely atmosphere of the school. The management and teachers ensure a free atmosphere where the children are enabled to use their talents naturally, rather than being forced.

It is a great feeling to see my daughters Annie and Maria, blooming through the nurturing hands at Notre Dame. I wish Sr. Manisha and her team of staff all success in the years to come.

Alex Chandy Manjakunnel

When we thought about a school for our son, we were looking for a school which would induce essential values for the rest of his life rather than a study center for learning. We have seen the continuous growth of the school from early years till now and the management continues to add facilities and infrastructure as the children' requirement grow.

It is also notable that the children are not overburdened with the school work. We see that the children learn the essential human values like sharing, reaching out to the poor and caring for the environment. There is emphasis on sports, games, cultural and other extracurricular activities in addition to academics which help the full rounded development of children.Above all, my two children are happy at Notre Dame Academy from the beginning till date.

S.P. Chawla

I am fortunate enough to have been associated with Notre Dame Academy at a very early stage when my grand-daughter Vansha got admission in this esteemed school. The level of care, education and excellent inculcation of good manners, discipline, team spirit and values is of the highest standard because of the calibre of teachers and in particular Sr. Manisha, the most competent, well-organized and respectable founder Principal of the school.

The environment in the school has a very calming effect on everyone who comes there, and is very conducive for the right growth and development of the children. The school has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last few years with the focus on the all-round development of children, be it the studies or sports or extra-curricular activities. I have attended so many Annual Sports Meets and other functions and found them to be flawless in performance and execution. I really feel very proud of this institution and wish it all the best in every way in future.

Santhosh Thazhathu

Our Daughter has been studying at NDA almost since its inception and we have all but fond memories since. In Today's environment it has become more difficult to unlearn all the wrong that one has learnt than to learn new things, but fortunately at NDA my Children are exposed to all the rights in Life.

As Albert Einstein said "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in School" and I believe this holds true in the case of NDA because it is the character of their Children which sets them apart from others.

M. K. Uthup

In 2005, when my granddaughters reached the school-going age, we were most delighted to see a sign board pointing to Notre Dame Academy at Choodasandra. Inspired by the brand name "Sophia", we met Sr. Manisha, the founder Principal of Notre Dame Academy and secured admission without a second thought. Sr. Manisha, with her rich teaching experience in Sophia high School, is a personification of wisdom and knowledge.

Our students enthusiastically visit the less privileged children in the neighbourhood with gifts like stationery, food items and sanitary items. The school promotes sports. All children are encouraged to take part in various events such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket and indoor games such as chess, caroms etc. Annual Sports Meet is like a festival in the school. It is a unique experience in Notre Dame Academy watching teachers and parents working together as a team, managing events like Sports Day and Annual Day. I see this institution as a divine inspired ministry.

Sheeja Jobi

Like every parent who has made this critical decision, we did debate a bit on the way back whether we had done the right thing. But I was already convinced about the place. I am a Sophian myself & I knew from my personal experience that my children would get more attention and care here among sisters and the convent atmosphere than at any other school. The personal attention and focus on physical and spiritual up-bringing would be much more than any non-conventional school could offer.

To our great relief, the first day of school proved that we had made the right choice. Esther was very happy after she came back from school. In fact, her attendance for the first couple years was 100%. She was positively ready to go to school every day. She didn’t want to miss a single day in the school and unlike in many families, we have had to alter personal travel plans many a time to accommodate her commitment to the school. Annual days were like big a family get-together in its fun, inclusion and atmosphere.

We felt part of the growth of the school. There were many challenges, but the family of sisters, teachers, parents and well-wishers ensured that we moved forward. The growth was gradual yet steady. The long wait for approval for a school building came to an end after four years. With her commitment and dedication, Sr. Manisha gained the confidence of the parents. Her approachability, clarity of purpose and charisma have always helped us parents to stay together as a committed Notre Dame family.

Alex V. Chandy

In the several years that have gone by we have witnessed the school grow from strength to strength. There were times when one wondered of how the school would scale-up with the new student admissions every year. Would there be any extra-curricular activities?. What would be the competitive strength of the school compared to other ones? As I reflect on these thoughts, making up my mind to send my child to this school was in fact a blessing. The children have a beautiful new school building. They take part in so many activities both in the school and outside. Trophies line the school display board speaking volumes of the achievements in the recent past. Through many difficulties and hardships the school has come forward to become a well recognized one in the area and indeed the city.

None of this would have been possible if not for the constant love and attention of our beloved Principal Sr. Manisha.

Thomas PS

It was my desire to educate my children in a convent school. In Bangalore, education is just a business and it is hard to find a school without business in mind. I believe school is a place that would provide students with the best possible education and send them forth fully prepared to meet life's challenges. And that will come through innovative learning methods like problem-solving, thinking, creative activities etc. Children grow up in a society that demands expertise in everything. You can't really sit back and decide that learning from text books is enough for the overall development of our children. Notre Dame Academy met my expectations by employing highly qualified teachers who consider teaching as a passion under the experienced management. Special care has been taken to mould the children in Christian values.

Students from Notre Dame demonstrated strong competition in external activities like Science Olympiad, Verbattle (a debate competition) etc and won medals defeating other topnotch schools in Bangalore. Quality education comes from a real partnership between parents and qualified teaching professionals and that is the strength of NDA. I wish all the success for NDA and I want to be part of that success.

Santhosh Mathew

On my first visit to Notre Dame Academy six years ago, I saw the beautiful sight of a convent house resting in a sprawling eight acre land and there I met Sr. Manisha, who in my first visit impressed upon me that she was the right type of educationist my children needed. This belief turned out to be true, and I have seen the school grow along with my children.

I sincerely would like to thank Sr. Manisha from all my heart for the selfless service and efforts that she puts into the upbringing of each child's overall development, the same way she cares for her numerous flowering plants and fruit trees. I pray to God to give her strength and courage to turn this institution into one of the best centres of excellence and education in our country.

Dr. Shyma Rajeev

We were on the lookout for the right school for our daughter when we heard about Notre Dame Academy. The name wasn't familiar but the name of its parent institution instantly rang a bell.

Over the years, Sophia High School has built a reputation for grooming children not just with excellent results in academics but with credentials that enable them to confidently make their way in the wider world. The hands that shaped the futures of many a child at Sophias were the moving forces behind Notre Dame Academy and we didn't have to think twice before enrolling our daughter in,what was at that time, a fledgling institution.

Five years on, we can state with confidence, and even with a tinge of pride, that we haven't gone wrong with this important decision. We live in a period when the burden of academics snuffs out the joy of learning in a child. Most crucially, it was never the case at Notre Dame, with children sailing through the ocean of knowledge, expertly guided by teachers who have instantly connected with the students in every class. Care seems to be the motto here, and without really making them feel so, the children are educated in the ways of the world, helping them in their overall development. Extra-curricular activities help in bringing out the hidden talents in every child and the close involvement of parents makes it almost a family affair.

Biju Babu Cyriac

The awestruck face of many friends when they learn about the school of our children is the best certificate to the quality of the Notre Dame Academy. There has not been a day when Neethu or I had to push Jesse or Jewel to the school van, because they always look forward to the next working day. It may either be a class test, game of cricket/chess or the buzz of the Annual Days -they love it. Having mastered something new and challenging, it was an amazing learning trip each day.

I got my first view of NDA nearly five years back, only on the third try, as there were not many who knew the school's exact location. But as the good news spread about the new co-ed school run by the Sisters of Notre Dame, famous through Sophia High School, the roads to NDA, now big and beautiful, got busier by the day. I have no doubt that NDA will emerge as one of the best in the IT city.

Timsy Thomas Sibi

My daughter Stesha has been a student of Notre Dame Academy for the last five years and I am greatly impressed with the learning process and values that the school had to offer. We hold Notre Dame Academy as a marvelous educational option for children. We have never regretted the choice that we made and have watched the school grow heaps and bounds.

With Bangalore teeming with schools offering both Indian and International Schools, finding the right school is quite a task for parents. I am really glad that Notre Dame promotes a seamless blend of both International and Indian standards for all of us who still believe in the magic and the prestige of the good old Convent schools instilling ethics and fair play through charity and compassion for the underprivileged-with various programs such as reaching out to the poor, academics par excellence, interschool competitions, extra-curricular activities and sports. Keep up the good work!

Baduvanda Devaiah

When I first went to Notre Dame Academy, it was operated from its primary building which was small.But after conversing with sister Manisha (Principal, NDA) I was confident that I am making the right choice for my children. Today, the school has almost the complete setup with the guidance of sister Manisha, who is very active and creative with her ideas and excellent execution skills. The school is very open for opinion from parents and is willing to add systems which can improve the current operations.

The teachers at NDA have shown outstanding comprehension and compassion for students and it has helped them to move ahead and succeed thus far. Both my children have very different personalities. By the first parent/teacher meeting, each teacher had absolutely 'pegged' who my children were...their likes and dislikes, their skill sets and what makes them tick. My first reaction was that they pay attention to detail and that my children were getting the individual attention that they need. Both the children love going to school. They talk about their day, they talk about their teachers affectionately, and most of all they come home happy and smarter.

Anand James D'Silva

When we were looking for a school for our elder daughter five years ago, we looked at all the schools that were in Koramangala and around. It was a difficult choice because my wife had taught in two international schools and we were aware of the quality standards of these schools. At that point in time we chanced upon Notre Dame Academy. Ever since, there has been no looking back. My elder daughter Anthea has completed five years in this school and my younger daughter Alyson has completed one year. Our son Aiden who is a little more than a year now, is just waiting to get an entry into Notre Dame Academy.

We have seen the school from its humble beginnings to what it is today, but the basic fabric of the school remains unchanged. The school imparts all-round education and the best part is that values are inculcated in our children. We thank Sr.Manisha and her team for imparting such wonderful education. We wish the school all success and hope to be part of this success for a long time to come.

George Mathew

Notre Dame Academy is truly a home away from home for my three children. At school, I am happy that they are exposed to a healthy mix of cultural, athletic and academic training under the able guidance of their teachers. As they transition from childhood to adulthood, Notre Dame offers them the much required positive mentoring, in terms of values and life skills, shaping their persona and intellect.

Most importantly, special care is taken to instill strong moral values that will make them committed citizens of the society and the nation. Thank you, Notre Dame Academy!

Shilpa Jikku

When we were seeking school admission for our child, we had the dual advantage of powerful word-of-mouth from existing Notre Dame parents and our observations of their children who are students of this school, especially the manner in which they interacted and conducted themselves. This placed before us the image of a school that provided the right atmosphere of nurturing love and respect,for both God and man, centred on values that would be the guiding compass in our child's formative years.

When Noelle started her schooling, she was a couple of months behind schedule. However, thanks to the commendable nurturing she received at the hands of her kindergarten teachers and their gentle yet superlative guidance of the child, the transformation in her was soon evident. The songs she hummed back at home, the innumerable references to her teachers and friends, the events and games at the playground and the keenness with which she began to look forward to the mornings in the school van, could not have been brought about any other way.

The years of our association with Notre Dame Academy have only reaffirmed our belief that there could be no better place for our child to receive holistic education and learning, both from the personal as well as the social perspective. Here was a school that helped children to bring out their God-given potential with grace - adeptly empowering and moulding them into finer personalities, without putting them through undue peer pressure.

Aloysius D' Mello
Grandparent - Principal, Greenwood High, Bangalore.

We chose Notre Dame for my grand-daughter Mandira, because I was confident that it would give her the right exposure that is so necessary to be successful in this world today.

Mandira enjoys being part of Notre Dame and as I watch her grow, I am sure she will do her school proud.

Sujo K John

Here at Notre Dame, every child gets the opportunity to express themselves freely in various curricular and non-curricular activities. Notre Dame Academy has a special way of bringing out the hidden talents in our children. They are cajoled to give wings to their imagination and feelings freely, and achieve many milestones. I have seen my bothchildren grow in motivation and self-belief. They are trained to become confident, moral citizens of our nation. I am sure the Notre Dame Academy activities will ultimately help our children choose the right path destined for them.

Cereen Varghese

Our experience with Notre Dame has always been a testimony, which we would love to share. We shifted our son from one of the International schools in Bangalore, as we wanted him to have strong personal values, humility and confidence. I was initially worried whether Notre Dame was only for girls. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the school was able to instill in him a passion to strive for excellence. There were no second thoughts for my daughter who joined from nursery and hates to miss a single day in school. Be it sports, academics, ordebates, you would see the commitment of the Principal to the teaching community which is highly respectable.

I have always found Sister Manisha and teachers quite open to feedback on management and education aspects, which gives a feeling that Notre Dame is continuously improving in providing a great learning experience. This would be one of the very few schools which believes in transparency and highly encourages parents' participation in various activities at school. With the right balance on extracurricular activitiesand academics, Notre Dame students strike a difference by their confidence and the values they have imbibed. We are proud to be associated with the school, as my children are being groomed to be better citizensof tomorrow.

S. Anand

My son was very weak in speaking English before joining Notre Dame Academy. I shifted to Sarjapur Road and approached the principal Sister Manisha for his school admission to Notre Dame Academy. I took the admission in October 2010 and my son joined the Class I in the academic year 2011-2012. The teaching standards here are very high and now I can pride myself that my son's knowledge of English is much better and he can converse in English to a very good extent.

One of the most remarkable facts about Notre Dame Academy is that each and every student studying here presently has been admitted to this school by their respective parents through a very important medium - word of mouth. The repute that this school enjoys today is very important, and the high scale of educational excellence and the standards of knowledge being imparted would bring more and more parents and their wards to this school in the years to come.

I would like to personally thank Principal Sister Manisha and other teachers and parents for making this dream come true. A vision that would finally become one entity-NOTRE DAME ACADEMY.


Nithya and Bhairavi joined ND Academy in 2010. I am very happy with my children's progress. The principal Sr. Manisha is very approachable and so are the teachers. The teachers have always given extra care to Nithya since she had some medical issues, even when she missed many classes. Nithya has become very independent and does not need my help with her studies. The teachers have always encouraged them to do their work on their own and never pressurise the parents.

I am very glad I chose ND academy for my children. I am sure my kids are learning not only their class subjects but many more important things in life. Thanks Sr. Manisha and Thanks to all the teachers. Keep up the exceptional work.

Sajitha Akapurath

My daughter moved into this school in the academic year 2011-12, and she has enjoyed every single day in the school. Sr. Manisha gives individual care and attention to each child here. The school has very good facilities like spacious classrooms, library, computer lab, a playground, prayer room, a big campus, etc. There are also many extra-curricular activities like karate, music, dance and different kinds of sports like table tennis, carom, chess, throw ball, volley ball and cricket.

The school has brilliant teachers who teach very well and guide the children. Sr. Manisha is not only the principal of the school, but also a teacher. The Student Council is another good quality of the school, and it helps these young children develop self-discipline, confidence and leadership qualities, and trains them to become more independent.

The school is provided with everything that a child would require to develop his/her capabilities. The school gives opportunities to participate in many inter-school competitions like debates and other national talent tests, which have given my daughter knowledge about the outside world and how challenging everything will be in the coming years. The school also has several competitions class-wise or house-wise - like spelling contests, GK contests, elocutions, singing competitions, dancecompetitions, etc. Programs like Sports Day, Parents' Day and Science Exhibition give children a chance to show their individual talents as well as the need to work together as a team in order to get the proper outcome.

Anil Ravipati

We have utmost respect towards the Principal and the teachers of Notre Dame Academy who has inculcated the best quality education to our children. We have observed the discipline enforced in your school and really like the way children develop discipline without fear.Our children are little shy in nature. However, after three months in school, they have started opening up more towards others. This did not happen in their earlier school. We are amazed by the organization of Sports day, the way children competed and enjoyed, the way children and the teachers worked hard to make it successful without affecting the schedules of the class.

Our children have developed the habit of wishing us in the mornings and nights, and saying prayers before eating food and before sleeping. This shows the moral values inculcated by the school and we are quite thankful for that. Our elder daughter, Sudiksha, has developed strong bond with her class teacher, Ms Chitra, and has taken her as a role model. She wants to take up teaching profession as her career in future. ? Our children have developed strong compassion and bonding with their friends and teachers in class and are really going to miss them. They have requested us to bring them back to the same school as soon as we returned back to India. We are quite thankful for allowing us to be part of the parent committee and help us in contributing in whichever little way possible towards the development of the school.