Our Staff

Sr. Prema


Sr. Prema is the treasurer of Notre Dame Academy. She is a committed teacher too. She has been in the field of education for many years. She is an excellent Geography teacher and an asset to the school.

Sr. Ancy


Sr. Ancy loves children. She has a lot of experience in the field of education, and children love having her as their teacher.

Mrs. Jennifer Bolar


Having been part of Notre Dame Academy for the past five years, I can proudly say that I have enjoyed every moment of my time spent here. Teaching invites constant growth and improvement. I love teaching because the teacher works in an atmosphere of idealism, dealing with soul and heart, with ideas and ideals. NDA offers students a caring educational environment where they learn moral values to become good, committed, responsible and honest citizens of the country. NDA is a special place also because of the involvement and support of so many families.

I can rightly say that I was destined to work for NDA, and I thank Sr. Manisha for giving me the opportunity. I have learnt so much from her, and have watched the school grow tremendouslyunder her guidance.

This is what I would like to tell my students: 'Reach high for the stars. Dream big, for a dream precedes every goal. Make each day of your life a master piece.'

Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas


I am not only a proud a parent, but also a joyful teacher of NDA. My journey with Notre Dame Academy began in the year 2007, and it was a learning-cum-teaching program, as I never had the experience of teaching tiny tots before. It was not just about imparting knowledge, but developing and experiencing the mind of a little child. It is something that requires immense patience, great understanding, a child-like heart and a playful nature.

It is a joy and pride to be a part of Notre Dame, witnessing its gradual growth from a small convent-bound school to the full-fledged institution we have now. I admire the perfection, the discipline and the punctuality with which every work is done here.

Notre Dame Academy can be compared to a beautiful garden with many tender tiny saplings which require efficient gardeners who know how to nurture, prune, dig around and help them grow. The teachers of NDA aim at the wholesome development of each student. In the uphill march of nation-building, NDA forms persons who are skilled and committed to journey together to fight injustice and corruption, and to uphold honesty, integrity, justice and peace - all for the greater honour and glory of God.

Mrs. Shalet Bastyva


Notre Dame Academy, managed by the Sisters of Notre Dame keeps it doors open to students of every caste, creed and colour. The motto of the school is "Truth and Universal Love". Faith in God and in the service of humanity are the ideals placed before the students. As a writer has put it "All liberal religions have great and abiding principles which are their corner-stones, the brotherhood of man, the fatherhood of God, the perfectibility of man, the superiority of reason to superstition, the presence in the universe of certain undergirding laws of justice, goodness mercy and love". To realize these greatideals requires continuous and disciplined effort. It was with such vision in mind that our dear principal Sr. Manisha put in her best efforts to build up an institution that would educate the native children. Today we salute her with the pride of innumerable accomplishments in various walks of life.

Notre Dame Academy has a group of loving and dedicated teachers. The school always does well in sports and other co-curricular activities. The school is proud to have such wonderful students. I'am proud to be a teacher at Notre Dame Academy and to be a part of this loving family.

Mrs. Chitra Rajan


Notre Dame Academy is the result of a dream, a passion, to establish and create a brighter world for children through the system of education. Under the guidance of Sr. Manisha, the sisters of Notre Dame, and a group of committed parents, this dream became a reality and Notre Dame Academy was born.

My association with Notre Dame Academy started when I admitted my children to the school - and within months, I too became a part of the NDA family. The children of NDA are carefully moulded to be independent thinkers and thoughtful learners. They are helped to give their best in the tasks that they undertake. Students confidently question, reason, voice opinions and solve problems. This in fact reflects their love for learning.

One of the most important participants of the NDA community is its parents. They contribute time and knowledge, and are valuable resources with varied perspectives to enrich the education process. NDA believes in nurturing young minds through holistic education that enables every student to excel and serve. Becoming a teacher at NDA has been a uniquely rewarding experience. Our principal,Sr. Manisha, has been a mentor and a philosopher in guiding me as a teacher, and her constant encouragement and guidance has made my experience with NDA a truly rewarding one.

Mrs. Achu Roshan


Notre Dame Academy is an institution which stands apart for its value-oriented education and discipline. The school nurtures the new generation in their care – to learn without losing the aim of living, and to progress without losing human values. Under the able leadership and guidance of Sr. Manisha, the school provides an environment which enables each child to realize his/her potential. Our team of dedicated and dynamic teachers not only manage the curriculum, but also generate an enthusiasm for learning and character development.

The parents are the pillars of strength of the school, working as a team of talented supporters. They whole-heartedly co-operate by devoting their time and energy for all activities of the school. Their involvement has helped in the progress of the school tremendously.

The discipline and creativity of the students of Notre Dame Academy make the school standout distinctly. Apart from academics, their exceptional talents have been demonstrated in various forums that have brought laurels for the school. Good manners and moral values are an integral part of their character, and it is a joy to witness the caring and loving relationship they have with each other.

Mrs. Ranju Ravindran


Notre Dame Academy is strategically located in a serene environment without the din and bustle of the Bangalore traffic. The open space, play area and the school building with more light and breathing space makes it conducive for conducting classes. The school does not compromise in giving equal priority to academics, moral values, soft skills and physical activities to complete the education holistically.

As a teacher of Junior 1 class, I am trulyblessed to experience the love and affection of the little children. Report card days after every term are a good formal platform for teachers and parents to interact and exchange feedback, and answer any queries.

Our principal, Sr. Manisha, pays attention to details to bring utmost perfection in all the school matters, andher endurance and perseverance in co-ordinating and accomplishing tasks are commendable. The school Sports Day exemplifies this ardent professionalism. Sister mentors and guides the teachers in successfully completing all the school activities. I am so grateful to be a part of this Notre Dame family.

Mrs. Lipy Santhosh


Notre Dame Academy is set in a serene environment. Removed from the distracting gaze of an expanding Bangalore city, one feels freshness on stepping inside the sprawling campus. Imparting education that is value-based, yet academically relevant to our times, cannot demand a better backdrop.

Education in its fullness at Notre Dame is not just academic, but is combined with individual development, the basis of which is universal values. These are instilled in the day to day life of the school through an innovative morning assembly. The school song alone is capable of awakening a fervent love for God and a desire to lead a life of simplicity and honour. The children of the school are carefully guided and groomed under the loving and capable hands of the team of dedicated teachers. The focus and attention of our principal, Sr. Manisha, has meticulously been on increasing and augmenting the efficiency and effectiveness of the students and staff with timely words of advice and encouragement. All these and more make this school a fine place to be in.

Mrs. Anna George


Mrs. Anna is a cheerful and effervescent person. Her kind and gentle nature makes school a home away from home for the little ones of Notre Dame. She is also an accomplished singer and a talented artist, rightly called the nightingale of Notre Dame Academy.

Mrs. Rachel Abraham


Our students have the attitude and thirst to learn. They work hard and are willing to help others. They are keen to participate in extra-curricular activities. They come well-prepared to attend classes, which is a delight to any teacher.

Parents at Notre Dame are very supportive and co-operative, and that helps us as teachers, to facilitate the child's learning. They are always ready to discuss their ward's strengths and weaknesses. They keep the lines of communication open throughout the school year and let the teacher know of any changes to the child's life. If the child is experiencing difficulties, the parents inform us well in advance so that we can help students overcome the hurdle.

The keen involvement of parents is unique to this school and that makes teaching at NDA a great experience for me.

Mrs. Sangeetha Lawrence


Imparting values and knowledge from one generation to the next ought to be the highest honour and the most important responsibility anyone could have. At Notre Dame Academy, our highly committed and trained teachers nurture these values in the young ones commendably well.

Helping children realize their potential brings great joy to every teacher. Children are so valuable and precious, and teachers do learn greatly from them too. To see our young ones grow, experience new things, and become the adults that will take on this world in the years to come, is the greatest reward. Bestowed upon us is the great responsibility of moulding and guiding our future citizens. Having the opportunity do this at NDA is a privilege and an honour.

Mrs. Savita Sharma


I joined Notre Dame Academy in the month of June in 2011. I feel immensely proud to be associated with such a disciplined and reputed school. It is my honour to teach such wonderful, obedient, humble and disciplined children. Discipline, which is the backbone of any organization, can be best experienced in this school - thanks to our principal Sister Manisha, who involves herself in each and every activity of the school. I really appreciate the way sister addresses the children during the morning assembly. She even gets into the minute details such as, the way they talk, walk and write, and also emphasizes on moral values.

Like children, the parents here too are co-operative and humble. They always have valuable suggestions and compliments for the teachers. They volunteer for all the functions and activities organized in the school. I am confident that every child of this school will surely contribute to the progress of our nation in the best possible way.

Mrs. Alphonsa S. Philips


Notre Dame Academy - a young institution of less than six years has come a long way in establishing itself as a centre for value education. This institution has made commendable progress in all spheres of educational activity over the past few years. Notre Dame Academy believes not only in high academic discipline but also in preparing little minds for life by instilling the right values.

Even though I am relatively new to this institution, I must admit to having a great time working with a bunch of dynamic faculty and students and enthusiastic parents. The management of Notre Dame Academy has given us all the support and encouragement required to drive this institution. Their ever growing hunger for developing the infrastructure has resulted in several new additions to our already beautiful institution.

The success of Notre Dame Academy can be credited to the dedication and support of the management team, the ever enthusiastic parents, committed faculty and last, but certainly not the least - our excellent students.

Mrs. Zeenita Nair


I feel very proud to be associated with Notre Dame Academy. It is a home away from home. Our students are sincere, truthful, dutiful and energetic and they devote themselves fully to gain knowledge. They concentrate not only on academics, but actively take part in games and sports and other extra-curricular activities.

Our Principal Sister Manisha's constant support and guidance have helped me to evolve as a better teacher, as well as a better person. I aspire to grow with the school as it steadily progress on the path to success.

Mrs. Christina Ann Gabriel


My journey with NDA has been memorable. It has helped me grow in so many remarkable values - patience, love, care and affection. It has taught me that if you have faith in whatever you do, success will surely be yours. Every day here brings in a new experience for me and it makes me learn new things, helping me to be a better teacher and a better person.

I choose to be a teacher as it gives immense satisfaction to be a part of a child's growing years, nurturing and guiding them. My co-workers are so very dedicated and their enthusiasm has helped me perform better and excel in my work. I thank Sr. Manisha for making me a part of this prestigious educational institution.

Mrs. Deena Asha Vincent


God gave me an opportunity to be a part of this beautiful organization. It is a blessing to be involved with an institution which gives witness to God's love by its services. It has been an overwhelming experience since I started teaching here. To influence young minds and trying to make a difference in their lives is definitely a blessing from Lord.

It gives me immense joy and satisfaction of be a part of the organization which is very honest in its approach towards everything. It strives for perfection in all aspects. The participation of parents in school activities, their enthusiasm and interest for the well-being of the school, and their attitude towards the growth of school is highly commendable. It is truly a blessing for our family to be associated with Notre Dame Academy.

Mrs. Jeybell Shireen


Mrs. Shireen has found her true calling to be a teacher in Notre Dame Academy. She is loving and kind, and takes extra care to make sure that her students carry with them fond memories of the school year spent with her.

Mrs. Suman Costa

Office Staff

Mrs. Suman is kind, polite and pleasant. She is gracious to all and does her work in a very systematic way.

Mrs. Anusuya V.

Office Staff

Mrs. Anusuya is a very simple and honest person. She is dedicated and helpful.

Mr. Juje Anthony Fernandez

Music Teacher

It has been an absolute delight for me to work as a Music Instructor for Notre Dame Academy. The dedicated principal, Sr. Manisha guides and motivates every individual who works for the betterment and development of the school. The teaching staff is highly professional, dedicated and committed. The non-teaching staff too is very kind and caring towards the children. It is a pleasure-filled task to teach here also because of the geographical location of the beautiful school.

I'm proud to say that our students are very smart, disciplined and polite. The school is blessed with many talented singers. I had the opportunity to witness the wonderful participation and co-operation of the parents, on the major events of the school, such as Parents' Day and Sports Meet. May Notre Dame Academy bloom and blossom in the days to come.

Mr. John Leeber

Karate Teacher

Mr. John is a well-disciplined and dedicated Karate teacher. Our students have won many laurels under his guidance.

Mr. Immanuel P.

Physical Trainer

Mr. Immanuel is a very dedicated trainer who has a unique quality to identify the strengths of students and train them to excel. Notre Dame Academy is sure to shape some good sportsmen down the years.

Mrs. Shanta


Mrs. Shanta is always ready to help. She loves children. Children lovingly call her Shanta aunty.


Teaching and non-teaching staff play a vital role in effectively transferring the vision and principles laid out by the Notre Dame sisters for their educational ministry to the students. Their sincerity and untiring commitment is evident in each student at Notre Dame. Every event the school organizes has an underlying orderliness and grandeur. The whole school operates as one unit under the able guidance of Sr. Manisha, principal of Notre Dame Academy. Trusting solely in God, through the intercession of Mary, the Mother, patroness of Notre Dame institutions, the school is poised to traverse new heights.